Share Jesus with the Next Generation this Summer

Pages from VBS posters, etc 2.10.09 As summer quickly approaches, your church may be looking for resources to use in child outreach and evangelism, whether it be through a Backyard Bible Club or Vacation Bible School setting. Children Desiring God has 4 titles to offer, each focusing on a different theme, while presenting the Gospel clearly and accurately to children in K-6th grade. Here are some things to know about our BYBC/VBS materials as you consider your needs:
  • Each BYBC/VBS curriculum is a 5-lesson program designed to be used in a neighborhood Bible club setting or a church Vacation Bible School, with a varied number of students in a wide range of age groups. In such a setting, we would recommend that the students be kept in a single group, with one teacher doing the lesson, one worship leader, and 2-3 small group leaders. The teacher would then need to adapt the content (e.g., vocabulary, examples, etc.) of the lesson to his/her students.
  • The BYBC/VBS curriculum Teacher's Kit includes a set of 5 lessons for the main teacher, a CD with the visual aids in black & white and color, as well as 5 extra copies of the lessons for additional volunteers who are also working with the children (for a total of 6 sets of lessons per Teacher's Kit). Count the number of teachers, small group leaders, worship leaders, etc. who will be presenting the material, and divide that number by 6 to determine how many Teacher's Kits you need. Teachers who are working with similar age groups may share the visual aids CD with another class, so you also could consider that as you determine the number of Teacher’s Kits you need.
  • All of our BYBC/VBS curricula include the option of purchasing "Student Project Sheets," or “Student Project Booklets,” which are sold in packs of 5. These are interactive materials that the children will enjoy as they apply the truths learned in the lesson to their lives.
  • The main focus of BYBC/VBS curricula is to provide your ministry with solid, Bible-drenched, God-exalting lesson material to present the Gospel clearly and accurately. Many additional activities can be planned by your church staff to fit your particular needs, keeping in mind that the focus of your session with the kids should not be the "activities," but the lesson content and application. The curriculum does provide fun, interactive activities to do in class with the children, but does not include suggestions for outdoor games, snacks, or crafts. (We encourage teachers and leaders to provide those as needed.)
  • In order to better prepare for sharing the Gospel, we encourage all teachers and volunteers to read the booklet titled Helping Children to Understand the Gospel in preparation. One booklet is included in each Teacher's Kit. This amazing resource introduces teachers, small group leaders, worship leaders, other volunteers, and parents to the biblical doctrine of true saving faith and the fruits or evidences of it in the lives of children.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. May the Lord bless you and your ministry, and establish the work of your hands as you prepare for your Backyard Bible Club or Vacation Bible School.
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