Mid-Year Refresh

Yes, it’s almost time to celebrate the new year, but for many Sunday school teachers we are closing on “mid-year”—the halfway point of the school year. Don’t miss out celebrating this milestone. Consider having a mid-year “refresh” get together for your children’s and youth ministry teams. As a teacher, I have always found this gathering to be a great encouragement. Elements you may want to include during this time…
  • corporate worship through the singing of psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs
  • a short message reiterating what it means to be “vision-driven” in ministry (see video below as an example)
  • a time for testimonies recalling evidences of God’s grace in the classroom
  • breakout training sessions for specific classroom roles (teachers, worship leaders, small group leaders, etc.)
  • round table to share ongoing concerns and possible solutions
  • concerted prayer together
  • provide a meal and/or special treats
Here is Pastor David Michael giving a brief synopsis of what it means to be “vision-driven” in ministry: http://vimeo.com/66860327  
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