Four Basic Principles for "Saturating" Children with the Bible

Attention All Children's Ministry Leaders: Looking for some training resources as you prepare your teachers and volunteers for the coming school year? Here is a helpful resource you can pass on to your ministry team: Pastor David and Sally's seminar “Faith Comes by Hearing the Word of God,” in which they talked about the necessity of "Bible-saturation" as we minister to children and youth. They put forth four basic principles that are crucial for accomplishing this.

1. Use the Bible in Teaching. We need to consider the place the Bible—the book itself—has in our homes, in the church, and in the children's ministries of the church. Children can be challenged to:

  • Read the text.
  • Think about the text.
  • Answer questions about the text.
  • Discover the truth of the Bible.
2. Teach the Whole Counsel of God. Children need to see all aspects of the character of God so they worship the one true God. Children need:
  • A story-based Bible chronology emphasizing key biblical truths.
  • Biblical theology—the main "storyline" of the Bible, in which God progressively reveals His redemptive purposes, which come to their complete fulfillment in the Person and work of Jesus.
  • Systematic theology—providing the foundational doctrines of the Christian faith.
  • Moral instruction—the commands of Scripture, which communicate ethical instruction, guiding us in the righteous ways of God.
  • An explicit presentation of the Gospel—the essential truths of the Gospel leading to an understanding of saving faith.
  • Bible study skills—instruction in studying Scripture through the use of inductive Bible study skills.

3. Teach True Doctrine. We have a great God, but often children's materials bring Him down to man's level. Teach big, deep truths to grow big, deep faith.

4. Inspire Children to Memorize the Bible. What is memorized in childhood is often retained for a lifetime! You can listen to the Michaels’ entire seminar here and download the notes.

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