Fill Your Backyard with Good News this Summer

ID-10036444 Summer is a wonderful time for children. School is out, and there is plenty of warmth, sunshine, fresh air, and playing outside with friends and neighbors during the long summer days. Many backyards will be filled with the noisy sounds of happy children. But those happy children may also be desperately poor and needy…in their hearts and souls. And no amount of play or games or special activities will satisfy the sinful condition of their hearts. They need Jesus! They need the good news of the Gospel. The children of your neighborhood may have never heard Gospel truth they so urgently need. Their parents may never think of stepping through the doors of a Bible-believing church. But they may be willing to let their children come to your backyard for a Backyard Bible Club. Just think, your own backyard, no matter how big or small, can be a means of proclaiming and demonstrating God’s sovereign grace to the children in your neighborhood. What an opportunity! Does this sound exciting but a bit overwhelming? Not sure what a Backyard Bible Club (BYBC) is all about? Here is a description by Sally Michael:

Every member of your family can take part in the wonderful ministry of a Backyard Bible Club—whether it be extending invitations, teaching a lesson, leading singing, supervising a craft or game, or just loving the children who come.

Here’s how the clubs work. Most meet for five sessions, usually five mornings or afternoons of the same week. Invite the children of your neighbors, coworkers, or relatives. Invite your children’s classmates or any children you know. Hold the club in your backyard…or front porch…or garage. Though an hour and a half is recommended, you could meet for as little as an hour or as much as three hours. Any size group will work as long as you have sufficient help for the number of children. Any age group from kindergarten to sixth grade can be included.

The main element of the club is a Bible teaching time, but singing, games, crafts, snacks, and worksheets can all be included. There is a handout for the parents each time, which gives you an opportunity to influence them as well as their children with the Gospel.

Sometimes families or small groups partner to have a club. Sometimes a family will volunteer their yard and invite the children, and the church will provide a teacher. Some groups hold a program during the last club meeting or in the evening of the last day, inviting the parents to come. Others have shown the Jesus video and invited the families of the children to attend.

Does this peak your interest? Check out our BYBC page for curriculum options and other helpful features. Also, check out this short video about how a church in Amarillo, Texas used our Backyard Bible Club curricula.

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